Dr. Amanda Baten

Founder Dr. Amanda Baten is a New York State-licensed Clinical Psychologist and is certified in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health. A trained specialist in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Neuropsychology and Nutritional psychology, Dr. Baten incorporates a holistic approach to health in her practice and is able to provide real alternatives to conventional medications that treat depression and anxiety. Her approach is based on the premises that mind and body work together and that food and nutrition are directly related to mood, behavior and learning.

Interview with Dr. Amanda Baten:

Clinical and Nutritional Psychologist Dr. Amanda Baten cofounded The Center for Integrative Practices in New York City in 2010. A firm believer in holistic health and mind-body philosophy, Dr. Baten has worked to create a unique “one-stop-shop” multidisciplinary wellness environment, where innovative and talented alternative health professionals of various specialties work together to optimize patients’ mental and physical health. This unique mix of doctors and therapists offers New York City residents a comprehensive wellness center unlike any other. Dr. Baten’s specialties include providing patients with alternatives to conventional medications (for anxiety and depression), including Amino Acid and Nutraceutical therapies in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to ultimately empower people to optimize mental health.   When asked how the philosophy of the Center works, she explains that patients may be recommended a combination of other services offered at The Center, such as acupuncture, Body Talk, massage therapy, traditional psychiatry, and chiropractic treatments.  With a health center as diverse as The Center for Integrative Practices, each patient is considered holistically and treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs.  What Dr. Baten has created with The Center of Integrative Practices is an approach to holistic medicine that takes every aspect of a patient’s life into consideration to find a specialized combination of treatments that works for each individual visitor.  Dr. Baten is a featured specialist on national television networks and radio stations including the six-week series, “The Erica Hill Experiment” on CBS, “The View” and “20/20” on ABC.  She appeared on “The Dr. Holly Show” on the Veria Network, a health and wellness network, in the fall of 2012. Most recently, Dr. Baten was also a guest expert on the “Dr. Oz Show”, in February of 2014.