Dr. Erica Maniago

Dr. Erica Maniago is a New York State-licensed Psychologist and Post-Doctoral graduate of The Ackerman Institute for the Family. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy within a problem-solving framework to help her clients lead more enriching and satisfying lives. Her work with individuals, couples, and families has given her extensive experience helping adults and adolescents overcome such difficulties as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, phobias, body image, habitual maladaptive behaviors as well as helping couples and families improve intimacy, communication and understanding.

Dr. Maniago believes everyone has the capacity to grow, no matter age or life stage. She recognizes that change can be hard and daunting and that finding the right person to guide you along that journey is important. She believes that her clients are the experts in their own experiences, and through an active and collaborative approach, Dr. Maniago helps her clients recognize self-defeating patterns and areas in life where they feel stuck so they can achieve their goals.