Erica Matluck

Erica Matluck is licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor in California and a Nurse Practitioner in CA and New York. She is also a Reiki master, massage therapist, yoga and meditation instructor, trained clairvoyant and holds a certificate in sex therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. With a strong background in conventional and alternative care she is an expert in integrative medicine and takes a truly holistic approach.  Erica works with a wide range of health conditions including digestive issues, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and anxiety. She addresses the physical, mental, emotional and energetic barriers to health, combining functional lab testing and conventional diagnostics with integrative treatment plans and mind-body techniques.  

Prior to joining the Center for Integrative Therapies, Erica spent 7 years practicing at One Medical in San Francisco. In 2015 she served as the interim director of integrative medicine and continues to develop group lifestyle medicine visits at One Medical nationally.  Erica has led wellness workshops onsite for countless prominent corporations and is the founder of Seven Senses, where she leads transformational wellness experiences throughout the world. For more information about experiences with Erica, please visit