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Jill Ahluwalia

Jill Ahluwalia, NP, MPH is a board-certified, Columbia University-trained psychiatric nurse practitioner (NP) specializing in psychotherapy, diagnosis, and medication management.  Her holistic approach combines personalized medicine - including the use of genetic testing for selecting the most effective medications - with her passion for listening deeply to your experience.  By going beyond the symptoms that bring you into treatment, she will partner with you to help you achieve joy and fulfillment in your life.

People come to her who are struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention/concentration problems, substance use disorders, relationship difficulties, and body image concerns. After a thorough evaluation, her recommendations may involve therapy, conventional psychiatric medications, alternative treatments (herbs/supplements, meditation, nutritional counseling, exercise, breathing techniques, sleep hygiene), or a combination of these interventions.

She completed her psychiatric training at Columbia University after earning a Master’s in Public Health from University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. from The George Washington University in Geology. She has worked inpatient at NYU Langone Medical Center and at NYU Student Health Center as a member of the Psychiatry and Eating Disorders Team.  She also served as a clinical preceptor for nurse practitioner students at NYU. She continues to work at the walk-in clinic at NYU Student Health Center one day a week.