Lee Baker, NLPMP

Brandielee, "Lee", Baker NLPMP is the founder of Positive Constructs, the cofounder of the national nonprofit Code 9 Project. Lee is also the creator and executive director of the nationally accredited S.H.A.R.E training programs. Lee is a professional coach/strategist specializing in wellness, conflict resolution/negotiation and performance optimization.

Lee's holistic combination of NLP, mindfulness psychology and wellness is highly effective and results oriented.  

Lee is committed to the highest NLP standard of excellence in human behavior and communication. She is highly successful with clients because of her comprehensive methodology.  Her approach to change and achievement is holistic. The focus is on the whole being, as opposed to just a part. This holistic approach, combined with measurably effective NLP techniques, produces lasting results.

Lee provides her clients with the tools to simplify the thoughts in their minds in order to achieve the perceived "unimaginable" in their lives. Lee also teaches even the most "complex" businesses how to put the "fun back into function".