Monica Roquitte, LCSW, MBA

Monica Roquitte, LCSW, MBA is a Psychotherapist, Couples Counselor, and Divorce Mediator with over 20 years of experience in helping individuals and couples achieve their personal, relationship, and professional goals.  

In Monica’s experience, the most meaningful things in life – relationships, good health, professional achievement – are interrelated, sustained and nurtured by a holistic approach that includes the mind and body connection.  In addition to traditional psychotherapy, Monica integrates her expertise in relationships, career, personal finance, and mental health, and pro-actively collaborates with other mind-body experts.

Issues addressed in therapy include anxiety, depression, relationships, money, career, stress, and challenging life transitions.  Couples are often are struggling with communication, conflict, intimacy, and decisions about continuing their relationship.  

Monica devotes part of her practice to working with individuals and couples who are dealing with separation and divorce.  Divorce is a challenging life transition because it creates great stress and involves many important personal, financial and legal decisions.  As a Divorce Mediator, Monica knows the legal and financial aspects of divorce and uses that information to help couples reach healthy practical decisions.  Monica also coaches individuals through the divorce process and onto successful post-divorce life.

Monica’s academic credentials include an MSW from New York University, an MBA from Wharton, and an undergraduate degree from Wellesley College.  She has specialized training in modern psychoanalysis, internal family systems, conflict resolution, divorce mediation, personal financial planning, collaborative divorce coaching, and she is a clinical supervisor for MSW and PhD students. Monica started private practice in 1999 and has held the LCSW-R designation since 2002.  

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